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Taimanin Asagi Kessen Arena - FAQ

These are some commonly asked questions about the game.

For a guide to the menus and generally how to play the game see: Menu Overview and Basics
For a guide on what to do when encountering Raid Bosses see: Raid Bosses

Last updated 8/10/2014. See Comments for change list and special thanks.

Q1. I clicked on Quest/PvP/Event/etc, but it doesn't let me continue. What's going on?

Do you arrive at a screen that looks like this? It's the card limit screen mentioned before. The first red button takes you to Training, the second the Sell Cards.

This one tends to confuse people since the training and bulk card sell screens look so similar. Go with whichever you want: as long as you get rid of at least 1 card, you can continue. Your current card limit is in the upper right under Cards Held, and once again, it will increase as you progress.

Q2. Is there a way to get to the bulk card selling screen directly?

Yes. Either click the Sub Menu button in the upper right, then Sell Cards.

 The two red buttons in the center are "Select All" (careful with this) and "Sell Selected".

Any locked cards won't appear here at all. Also, you may note rare cards have an extra red button above them on the list - that goes to the screen to trade them for a rare medal.

Q3. I can't hear anything! Where's the sound?

This game does not have any sound effects or music at all.

The only time there is any sound in general is during the H-scenes: there are voices when the female characters speak.

If you cannot hear those, it's possible you just haven't hit a point where one plays yet, so try clicking through the scene until you hear something. If that doesn't work, check your computer's settings or possibly try another browser.

Q4. I can't seem to get the last scroll in Chapter (whichever). Is it just not possible?

Scrolls are random. Because of this, it's entirely possible you will easily get all the scrolls right away in one chapter, and take forever on another, beyond after when you'd finish it normally. So all you can do is keep trying, you'll get it eventually.

It's a good idea to pick the stage which takes the least amount of HP per run (it shows the amount a step takes in that stage under the EXP). You can get it on any stage, as long as it's the same Chapter.

It seems a lot of people run into this on Chapter 1, since it's so short to get through compared to the others - therefore less time for the scroll to pop up in your first run of it.

Q5. There's a bunch of buttons on the main menu right now with dates and characters not on your menu guide. What is all this?

Like other games of this type, there are periodic Events, involving special activities and limited time cards, prizes, and deals. I cannot update every single time there is a new one, but keep an eye on forums like HongFire, ULMF, etc, for information on things you cannot figure out on your own.

Just as examples though, here's a quicky overview of the types that have happened so far:
-"Tower" challenge: You have to progress through a quest-like set of stages, costing HP. There are prizes every 10 stages. The top is floor 100, with the prize of an H scene from a certain new card. However, to actually get the card, one has to be in the top 2000 ranked at the end of the event, which pretty much demands the use of HP potions.
-Special PvP event: Win prizes every couple of fights, with extra prizes for certain ranks by the end of the event, including a new card.
-Limited time Gacha: For Premium Tickets have a chance of yielding a unique new card (starting at 3 star rarity and higher), which will not be available in any way otherwise.

Q6. Is there any special reason to hold on to Premium Tickets, Medals, etc, or should I always just spend them immediately without worry?

There are events where cards not normally obtainable may become available through the Gacha for a limited time (usually through Premium Tickets). So it may make sense to save them until then. Of course, if you just want really good cards in general ASAP or are just interested in the main crop of cards anyway, you may not care.

Q7. How should I use my points when I level up?

First off, keep in mind that you actually get a point to one of your stats automatically in addition to the one you have to assign, so all your stats will go up incrementally anyway.

Most people tend to go with Endurance (HP). It helps with general progression of course, but also in dealing with Events where it matters. But there's also the logic that, if you take a look at the average cost values, you would need practically a full deck of UR/LRs (i.e. really rare cards) for the cost total to actually become a problem, and most people simply are not going to have that many any time soon, if ever.

Ultimately though, it's up to you.

Q8. What's all this stuff in the Friend List?

I didn't cover this in full before, but there's only so much you need to know:

-Each person on your friends list has two buttons by them. They are, in order, Remove Friend and Silver Bonus.
-Silver Bonus gives both you and your friend a tiny amount of Silver. This button is available once per day. It's not much, but if you keep up with it, it adds up.
-There is a button to the right. Click this and it will get all the Silver Bonuses at once, so you don't have to click every single friend individually.
-To approve incoming friend requests, use the second button, among the strip of five buttons in a row at the bottom.
-To monitor your current outgoing friend requests which haven't been accepted yet, click the first of the two red buttons at the very bottom right corner.
-There is a limit to how many friends you can have: At the time of this writing, it's 20, but that may change later. The Approve Friends button shows on the right the current limit (first yellow number in the top gray box) and how many slots you have left (second yellow number in the bottom black box).
-Exclamation points pop up on buttons with something new. The last button of those five is recently encountered people, so this one will likely be in this status a lot.

To request friends you know when you have their User ID:

-Click the second to last option of the five red strips at the bottom.
-This will show a list of random people you can friend. To the right, you'll see a text entry box saying ID above it. Punch in the desired friend's ID here, then click the little red button to the right of the box, and it'll send them a friend request.
-To remind, the User ID is located by going to User Info on the Sub Menu. On that screen, which looks like this, your ID and server are listed. See Sub Menu on the menu guide for how to recognize which server you're on.

Also, once again, browsers that can show the URL of buttons when hovering over them in the lower left corner are helpful here (since the URL is in English).

Q9. My rank in PvP isn't increasing anymore. Is this a bug?

There are only so many ranks (and prizes to go with them) to obtain. At the time of this writing, the current maximum is pretty low and easy to achieve relatively quickly. It's possible there could be more added later.

Q10. But if that's the case, what's the point of PvP?

You gain Bonus Points depending on your position on the overall ranking leaderboard. These bonus points will then earn you prizes, on a weekly basis. Each week resets at 10 AM on Monday, Japan time (this is also when Raid Bosses, etc, reset).

On the Ranking screen, you will see two lines under your portrait next to red arrows with a number (0 to start with) by them: The first is Current Bonus Points, second is Bonus Points To Be Received.

From the wiki:
  • 1st-50th place: 11 points
  • 51-175th place: 10 points
  • 176-300th place: 9 points
  • 301-1000th place: 8 to 2 points
  • 1001+ place: 1 points
If you click the second red button below your icon on Ranking, it will show the prizes you can get based on how many Current Bonus Points you have.

An example:

The first week, I have 0 Current Bonus Points. I barely used PvP at all that week, and rank in at 3542 by the end. This means my Bonus Points To Be Received is 1. At the week's end, I then get 1 Current Bonus Point. This means I received the prize having 1 point, a Premium Ticket.

The second week, I put effort into PvP. By the end of the week, my rank is 543. This means my Bonus Points To Be Received is 6. At the week's end, these stack on my existing 1 Current Bonus Point - so now I have a total of 7 Current Bonus Points. This means I receive the prizes for having 3, 5, and 7 points, all at the same time: 600 Silver Medals, a Kiryu card, and a Zokuto card.

So if I were to then put little effort into the third week and come out at like 6000, I would gain 1 point, and have 8 points total. So just by ranking in at all every week, I'm guaranteed 1 point every week.

Q11. So does that means I earn ALL those prizes every single week forever, or are they just a one time thing?

No. To clarify, as with the above example, when you earn a prize based on Bonus Points from your leaderboard ranking in PvP, you only get that prize once.

Q12. Will event cards, like the pre-registration Yukikaze, the special Gacha blue Asuka, the U.S. Forces Taimanin, etc, become available again later somehow?

Maybe, maybe not. They're limited for a reason: They drive sales, especially for loaded otaku willing to dump truckloads of cash to guarantee they'll place well in an event to get a special card. It's very possible you'll never see some of those cards again.

Q13. What? Are you kidding me?? This is a bunch of insane nonsense!! That PvP system is bonkers, I have to put in way too much effort for single prizes! I don't want to go bankrupt to get special event cards, that's absurd!! Tell me, there's got to be something else to it, right!?!?

This is the cycle of suffering that is the social card game.

So we, too, shall suffer and succumb in a system that at times seems pleasurable but is really all about pleasing others, perhaps until one day breaking free, as the Taimanin girls did. How meta.

Not that you want to break free, do you?


Enjoy, piggu.

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Taimanin Asagi Kessen Arena - Raid Bosses

When you're on a quest, Raid Bosses will appear at random. When defeated, they drop prizes - mainly silver medals and gold, but sometimes also items.

Reference: Japanese wiki

Last updated 8/25/2014. See Comments for change list and special thanks.

-The more you defeat Raid Bosses, the higher that particular boss's level will be the next time you encounter them, meaning higher HP and attack power.
-Raid Boss levels reset every week on Monday (Japan time).
-Take note that, at first, your HP here is just your DEF total, but this will change later.
-Request Rescue opens the boss to be available for other players to fight. I will expand on this a bit further below.

-The ally selected will effect your ATK power, your HP, and grant an additional Skill.
-Yes, you can keep refreshing until you find someone you want.

-Your Ally's Skill activation rate depends on if they are a friend or not. In this example, they are, so their activation rate is 100%, just like your own Leader card. If the selected ally is a random person selected from the bottom of the list, their activation rate will be 50%. Remaining ATK team is still 50%.
-At this point, you will see that your HP is now your DEF total + the DEF of the ally leader card you chose. However, this is not what your actual HP will be: after this, on the actual battle screen, it will change again.

In actuality, the DEF of your Attack Team matters too, as do any Skills you have which boost defense. This is easy to miss as it doesn't calculate those two factors until you reach the battle screen.

How Your HP is Calculated

Defense Team DEF + Leader DEF
Ally DEF
Attack Team DEF
(Leader Skills + Attack Team Skills + Defense Team Skills + Ally Skills)

-Remember, your Leader card's skill activates 100% of the time, your Ally's is 100% if they're a friend/50% otherwise, and the ATK/DEF Teams are always only 50%.
-It is also notable DEF Skills do not work on your Leader or your Ally.

What you get is decided by three categories:
-Participation: You get this if you do any damage at all. Consists of a set of silver medals and gold.
-Discoverer: If you found the Raid Boss, you get this reward for sure.
-MVP: For doing the most damage to the boss.

If you find and defeat a boss on your own, naturally, you get all of these.

If you assist in a rescue or got help from other players, this is where it varies: The Participation prize is equally split between all participants in the fight. And of course, only one person can get the other two prizes.

You have to click Gifts to claim your rewards. If you get a card as a prize and are unable to claim it, this means you've hit your Cards Held maximum and need to make room for it.

Request Rescue
When you select Request Rescue, other players will be able to attack and help defeat the boss. When you first click this button, for 10 minutes, it will only be available to your friends. After that, anyone can attack it.

If someone is requesting a rescue and you can partake, you will see the Raid Boss button appear. It's the same button you can access your own bosses from, so you may want to check it periodically anyway.

-In this example, the first Raid Boss listed is someone requesting a rescue.
-You can tell thanks to the specific grey box on the right of it, and that the discoverer name in the bottom left corner is someone other than me.
-Here, the discoverer hadn't even touched the boss yet, so their HP is full. But you will find others with partially depleted HP, due to them failing to defeat the boss then requesting a rescue.
-The second one listed is a boss I defeated previously, which I can view the results for. It will disappear after I do so.

So is it a good idea to request rescues, or help others?

-You can defeat Raid Bosses using less BP, even none at all.
-If you know you're not going to be able to beat the boss before times runs out, you can still get prizes out of it (something is better than nothing).
-When rescuing, it's a way of spending BP and getting a prize even if you've found no bosses yourself.
-You can coordinate with friends to finish off bosses and split rewards.

-You do not get your full rewards.
-The more people help, the smaller the participation reward is. Once it's open, you can't directly control how many people may jump in.
-If someone else gets the MVP reward on top of that, the rewards are very minimal - may not be worth the BP cost.

Consider your remaining time, how much BP you want to use, whether you'll get the MVP reward (which is always the best one), and if maybe you should let someone else handle it so you can go do something productive instead of masturbating to goofy browser social games you degenerate pervert!!

You may also run into this screen. It can appear if you click on a Raid Boss, but someone else killed them before you can get to it, or if you view Results and then try to go back.

Current Bosses

The Japanese wiki
has a break down of the bosses, but here's a quick overview with their Discovery and MVP rewards (in the same order they're listed in the wiki):

Furst - Demon - Silver medals (D: 50, MVP: 250)
Red Oni - Demon - Small BP potion (D: x1, MVP: x2)
Kurou Yatsu - Taimanin - Silver medals (D: 100), Slave Trader Zokuto GOLD card (MVP)
Sokuto Oni - Demon - Half HP potion (D: x1, MVP x2)
Majuu - Demon - Silver medals (D: 100), Kiryu Sabato EXP card (MVP)
XPS-11A - U.S. Forces - Silver medals (D: 100), Rare Gold Gacha medals (MVP: x2)

Additional Notes
-The faction type of the bosses does indeed factor in when calculating Skills, etc.
-Some bosses are more common than others - XPS-11A appears to be the rarest at this time.

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Taimanin Kessen Arena - Menu Overview and Basics

Here's something I haphazardly slapped together to help people navigate the game's menus.
Last updated 8/10/2014. See Comments for change list and special thanks.

All images:

Or allow me to walk you through (Click images to expand):

-This is not a direct translation, so terminology is subject to change. It is based on my experience with the game and I tried not to touch things I didn't fully understand.
-So this is by no means completely comprehensive, but it should help people get started.
-In a lot of browsers, if you hover the mouse over a button, in the lower left corner it shows the actual page's URL. Since this is in English, it makes it easier to determine what is what.

Link to the game (Need to sign up for a DMM account but that's it)

Basic Menus / Quests
-Your Endurance/HP is used for running through quests. It either restored by 1) Waiting (2 minutes for 1 HP point) or 2) HP potion to restore (half refills are awarded sometimes in the game, full ones are a micro-transaction)
-BP, which you get 6 of, is used for fighting Raid Bosses that appear in quests and for PvP. You get 1 every 20 minutes or restored by BP potions.
-The right side of the Quest screen is where you enter the current stage you're on. It shows your Progress %, EXP earned per click, and HP cost per click.
-The left side of the Quest screen lets you select your Chapter and shows how many scrolls you have. Scrolls are randomly collected in quests per chapter. If you get all five you get a prize - click the red button by your scroll progress to see what it will be.
-You can go back and select previous chapters this way if you didn't get them all.
-The red strip in the lower right only appears if you level up, then don't spend the stat point you get. You can click here to distribute any points you haven't used.

Level Up Prompt
-When you level up, the big red button takes you here. The smaller red button allows you to continue your quest without assigning a point.
-Endurance (HP) only effects progression in Quests, none of your stats or anything.
-See Deck Edit further below for more on what the ATK/DEF Cost Totals are.

Sub Menu
-Just another way of jumping to certain screens quickly.
-Your User Info will show your ID number used for friend requests. See here.
-To the right of your ID is your server. At current, they are as follows:

東京キングダム - Tokyo Kingdom
ヨミハラ - Yomihara
アミダ八ラ - Amidahara

You can only make friends and interact with people on your same server. There is currently no way of switching or picking servers.

Title Screen
 -It's possible there will be different events later.
-Most of the beginner events you will get naturally, but the less obvious ones:
1) Level up to Max an N (normal) card
2) Make a friend
-Gifts is perhaps better termed as "Rewards" - you can see you get items and money from various things, but to actually claim your prize you have to go here. You can pull them individually, or the first button on the right claims them all. The one under that is just your prize history.

You may notice some other icons pop up here as well, especially with images of new cards and such. These are related to limited time Events. There have been different kinds of Events, and unfortunately I do not have the time to cover how every single one works as they come out. However, see Question 5 of the FAQ I have made here for some more general details.

Deck Edit
-The selected Leader effects both ATK and DEF.
-In Skills, it will show 100 percent and 50 percent. The team leader's skill has a 100 percent activation rate. Everyone else has a 50 percent activation rate.
-Auto-Select will just dump in whoever has the highest ATK/DEF without regard for faction/color.
-Each card has a cost. So for your ATK/DEF row, the cards you have cannot exceed your total ATK or DEF cost. You can increase your ATK or DEF cost total when you level up.

Battle (PvP)
-Pick an opponent on the list and fight, using BP like Raid Bosses.
-You get prizes when you rank up.
-At this time, there are only so many ranks, and you cannot rank up anymore when reaching the current maximum. On my screen I am missing the "prizes on rank up" button and "wins until rank up" strip due to hitting it.
-You get battle points every week based on your rank. The ranking resets on Mondays. You then get prizes based on how many battle points you have. For some more details on this, see the eighth question on the FAQ here.

-Locking functions as it does in so many other games - so it also prevents you from selling it or anything else that would get rid of the card.
-It costs gold to train cards. The yellow text to the right of the card being trained shows the Gold cost first, then the EXP amount earned by the sacrificed cards.
-It's worth noting that the initial cost of adding one card for training is higher than adding additional cards after that in one go, so it is more cost efficient to train with 10 at a time (or whatever maximum you can).
-After adding cards to be sacrificed, it is very important to click the red button to see what the training results will be. If you are close to the trained card's max level, it is possible to pointlessly sacrifice more cards than you need to, so be careful.
-If you train a card that has a Skill (R cards and up) using a duplicate of the exact same card, the level of its Skill will go up by one. You can mix it in with other cards too, you'll get the Skill level up in addition to the normal experience. If the card is at maximum level, you can still train it with a duplicate card to level up the Skill. See "Identifying Skills" for more info on Skills in general.
-There's a line of text that will appear between the "LvlUP" line and the yellow cost line when a card added will level up its Skill.
-For most cards, max level unlocks its single H-scene. The really rare cards have two H-scenes, one unlocked at one level and another at their max.

-Top row needs 1 ticket per go.
-Middle needs 3 medals per go.
-Bottom needs 200 silver per go.
-The basic gacha now also has an indicator showing if a free buy is available. If you have one, for instance, the first go costs no silver. The red circle doesn't count this.

Card Album

Cards Held
-There is a maximum to the amount of cards you can hold at a time. If you exceed that amount, if you try to do any major activities, you will be given a screen where you have to either use Training or Sell to get rid of excess cards.
-So remember, even if you hit the limit, you will have all those cards even past the limit, you just won't be able to do certain things until you're back at/below the maximum.
-Your card maximum will increase as you progress.

Card Info
-Far as I know changing your card's outfit is purely an aesthetic thing. It corresponds to when you get that cards H scene.
-If you have a card with H scenes but you haven't earned it yet, the corner that lets you play them will instead show you how many levels you have to go on that card to get it.
-Only the really, really rare cards have more than one H scene.

Medal Trade Screen
-Remember that you actually need 3 medals to use the rare Gacha.

A side note: Identifying Skills

-By far most skills are just variants of "increase ally-type atk/def, decrease enemy-type atk/def", so it is easy to figure out by sight before long.
-The only different type I've seen so far is noted here under "Advanced". It's a skill some have which cuts incoming damage from a faction type by a number or percentage. The text starts with "Enemy (Type)...", so that's all you have to check. Example shows Taimanin.
-Using the Googles on the Japanese wiki works too.
-The first part above its properties is just the skill's name.
-You'll notice by that, it has a level. You can increase a skill's level by with a duplicate of that card. The duplicate can be mixed in with other cards when training in general, but will also still work even if the card is at max level.
-So yes, to max out a card's skill level, you need more than one of it. (Further reference: See "Training", above)

Card Info (Continued)

Sell Screen


Hot Tips:
-There are three factions - Taimanin (Red), Demons (Blue), and U.S. Forces (Yellow), and a rock-paper-scissors system in place. It is as follows:

Taimanin Beats > Demons. Demons Beats > U.S. Forces. U.S. Forces Beats > Taimanin

-When you level up, your HP and BP instantly refill. So if you are about to level up it may be a good idea to dump all your BP first on Raid Bosses or PvP.
-There are two cards you will get as prizes: Kiryu Sabato and Slave Trader Zokuto. As their card mini icons indicate, Kiryu is used to get a big boost in EXP when Training other cards, and Slave Trader Zokuto sells for 7,000 gold.

(Kiryu, you may remember, is the bad guy professor from Taimanin Murasaki/Hell Knight Ingrid. Zokuto is from Taimanin Yukikaze.)
-It is easy to find opponents to kill with one BP, so you can get your rank up prizes quickly this way. I should note that I am not aware of if it makes any difference if you kill a higher level player.
-There is a daily log-in bonus, so pop in each day for quick items. The User Info screen shows what your bonus will be tomorrow. There is tyically a special "30 minute x2" item, which activates as soon as you log in that day, which may give x2 Quest EXP, x2 Quest Gold, x2 Battle Arena prizes, etc.
-With a Raid Boss, you can choose to spend 1 to 3 BP, which decides your damage multiplier. See here for my overview on Raid Bosses.
-For even more questions and answers, see this FAQ I've compiled of some of the most common.